I'm receiving several emails with questions about my street photography, so I decided to create this little compendium with answers to the most common ones :) Hope you will find it useful. If you don't find your answer feel free to write me.

  • How long have you been shooting street photography ? 15 years.
  • What camera do you use for your Street Photography? I normally work with a Leica M10 or a Leica Monochrom Typ 246 or a Leica Q
  • Do you have a favourite lens ? I love to work with lenses between 21mm and 28mm. If I have to shoot a Street Photography Portrait I may switch to a 35mm or a 50mm lens.
  • Which lenses do you own ? You can find a complete list of lenses on my Street Photography Camera at page.
  • Do you shoot film? I've been shooting film for many years. Now I'm 100% into digital.
  • Do you shoot JPG or Raw files? Tell me a reason to shoot only jpg :) My camera is set on raw + lowres jpeg. I develop the raw files and use the jpgs only for a faster preview on my computer.
Cortona, Italy 2015

Cortona, Italy 2015

  • How many pictures do you shoot in a normal street photography session? It may really depend on mood and opportunities. From few to hundreds. Sometimes more.
  • Do you digitally manipulate your photographs? No. I use Photoshop just as a digital dark room for operations like dodge, burn, cropping and to straighten images.
  • Should street photography be only in Black and White? Absolutely not. I chose black and white because I love it. But you can find great street photographers that shoot incredible pictures in color. I'm a commercial and advertising photographer and I normally shoot my ads in color. So Street  Photography gives me the opportunity to enjoy taking monochrome pictures. If you want more detailed information about this topic there is a post blog about my Black and White Street Photography.
  • How do you convert your raw files into black and white? I use Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and some personal developed tricks to convert them to BW and to make some basic dodge and burn.
Malta, 2017

Malta, 2017

  • Do you stage your photographs? Most of the times no. But if needed when I'm shooting a street portrait I may ask to my subject to make some adjustments in orientation or pose to get a better light and composition.
  • Who are your photographic influences? Joel Meyerowitz, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier and Fan Ho.
  • Did you learn photography at college or at a private school? No, I'm a Self-taught learner.
  • Did you ever assist a professional photographer? I assisted Steve McCurry on the field for many years. I also assisted Elliott ErwittJames Nachtwey and Eugene Richards.
  • Do you sell fine art prints? Yes I do, Custom Limited Editions printed on exhibition grade fiber paper, numbered and signed. Email me for costs and availability.
  • Do you run workshops? Yes I do. I give Street Photography Workshops with the Leica Akademie. Click on the Workshops page to have more information about my Street Photography Courses.
Essaouira, Morocco 2016

Essaouira, Morocco 2016

  • Do you give private lessons? Yes I do, please email me for costs and availability. I run Street Photography city walks in Rome and Online one on one Workshops.
  • In which cities did you shoot? Mostly Rome but also Milan, Turin, Florence, Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco and Las Vegas.
  • Where would you like to shoot next? Seoul, London, New York, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Shangai... the list is very long :)
  • Is Photography your job? Yes I'm an advertising and portrait photographer. This is my commercial photography website: www.eoloperfido.com
  • What camera do you use in your studio commercial assignments? Leica SL is my studio photography camera.
  • Did you ever shot Street Photography with the Leica SL camera ? Yes, several times. Using M lenses with the M lenses adaptor. Its a real pleasure to view the world through a 4.4 milion pixel viewfinder and an M lens. After all the SL camera in this particular configuration is not that heavier than a MP camera.