Eolo Perfido Street Photography Exhibition @ due piani Gallery.
Curated by Benedetta Donato

The works on display are a selection born out of research by the artist over the past three years, which evolves into the more recent productions. They are on display for the first time in the Pordenone space.

The photographs in UNREVEALED seem to be ideally accompanied by a verse from the poet Lec, who says that “Life forces man into many spontaneous actions”.

It is these actions that the photographer is able to intercept an instant before their fulfillment, isolating them in a suspended reality, yet one which is caught up in the daily urban chaos that characterizes the metropolis.

This is the skill of the photographer: to capture in a split second those details that escape others and that can offer a new vision of reality, in a swift and skillful construction of framing and compositions.


A tireless explorer and great observer, Eolo Perfido leads us along an unconventional path made up of stories that are not revealed, or at least not entirely, but rather only whispered or hinted at, thus leaving room for interpretation by the viewer.

In this visual journey, choosing not to reveal the face of the people seems to be a spontaneous flow of the story, rather than an accident or a necessity. The practice of withholding some details, though suggested by images, reveals the photographer’s capacity for empathy, the total immersion in a reality of everyday life, and a knowledge of how to highlight the traits of the world around us, causing them to become immediately relevant and brimming with charm. 


Non-disclosure which reveals much more of a reality that, in the interpretation offered in this exhibition, becomes extraordinary, maintaining compositional order and a rigorous coherence that is attentive to geometry, metaphysics and, often, also irony.

The UNREVEALED series, throughout the exhibition, demonstrates a coherent attitude maintained by the photographer, who sees in reality an instrument for suggesting urban visions where the subjects, always portrayed with their faces concealed, become unwitting actors.

The Exhibition

The Curator

Benedetta Donato is an independent curator, formed between Rome and Paris, she has been Chairman of pianoBI for which she edited and produced several photo projects.

In 2010 she was included in the list of Expert Advisors' ICCD - Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC).

She edited many projects and books of the famous Italian photographer Maurizio Galimberti. She is currently editor of the due piani gallery in Pordenone and collaborates with contemporary art galleries for exhibitions of Italian authors.

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As a portfolio reader, she participates in industry events, including: Photolux Festival - International Biennial of Photography, SIFEST - Savignano Images Festival, Italy Portfolio Apromastore 2015 Grand Prize - Pentax, Hasselblad Portfolio Italian Grand Prix in 2016.

She is also Contributing Editor for the Italian photography magazines Il Fotografo and EyesOpen!

due piani Gallery

due piani is a gallery, a studio and meeting place dedicated entirely to the world of photography. Born in 2015 from an idea of photographer and entrepreneur Leonardo Fabris, Due Piani gallery has become the new benchmark for visual culture in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The space will host exhibitions of contemporary photographers curated by Benedetta Donato and attend courses and workshops conducted by important national and international authors.

Unrevealed - Eolo Perfido Street Photography Exhibition
7 October 2016 - 20 November 2016

Via Ospedale Vecchio, 4, Pordenone.


Special Thanks

I would like to show my gratitude to all the people involved in this project, starting curator Benedetta Donato and the Gallery owner Leonardo Fabris.

I'd love also to thank Davide Di Gianni (www.digida.net) for the great prints and my studio manager Antonella Catanese for the preproduction, press and communication efforts.