My Leica Street Photography Camera Bag (just missing my vanilla flavor tobacco)

Street Photography Cameras and Equipment

When I'm shooting street photography in Rome I'm always trying to be as light as I can, so normally I take with me one of my Leica cameras with a couple of lenses.

When I'm away for few days on some commercial or editorial assignment I have to take with me more equipment such as computers, backup units, tablet, chargers and so on.

So what's my Street Photography equipment ?

Leica M10
Leica M Typ 246 Monochrom
Leica Q
2 X Leica SL


21mm Leica Elmarit f2.8
28mm Leica Summilux f1.7 Asph (Leica Q)
35mm Leica Summicron f2 Asph
90mm Leica Summicron f2 Asph

15mm Voigtlander f4.5
21mm Voigtlander f4 color skopar
35mm Voigtlander f2.5 color skopar
50mm Voigtlander f1.5 Nokton
25mm Zeiss Biogon f2.8
90mm Minolta M-Rokkor f4

Batteries: 5 x Q / 3 x M10 / 2 x Monochrom

Memory Cards:
10 x 128GB Sandisk SDXC

Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED

Computers and Software:
MacBook Pro 15"
Surface Pro 2017
Ipad Pro 12.9
Adobe Cloud Software (Photoshop CC and Lightroom)
Wacom Intuos 5 S
Akitio Taurus Mini 2,5" Hard Disk Raid Usb 3.0
A selection of usb and hdmi cables

GoPro Hero 4 Session
Anker PowerCore 20100 with Power IQ
Huawei P9 Plus and OnePlus 3T Android Phones
Moleskine and Staedtler 308 SB6P pens
Nintendo 3DS with some good JRPGs
Pipe filled with some quality vanilla tobacco

Do you have some questions about the equipment ? Feel free to write me but first have a look at the FAQ page.

My Leica M10 with the Elmarit 21mm f2.8 and the Visoflex Typ 220

My Monochrom Typ 246 with the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5