" It's amazing how many secrets can be concealed in a simple walk. Hidden in the every day, beauty appears for an instant as words whispered in the din of the noise of the city. Street photography is not only form, but delicate visual poetry. Its words are made of shadows, movements, looks and connections hinted by that geometric deception we call framing.

The street and its continuous transformation become the place where an observer can find beauty right before it manifests itself. The gaze always turned toward what's about to happen, the street photographer is invisible yet present, teetering on the edge between too early and too late.

Photographies, sole witnesses of our living along the borders of the instant, are the legacy of an imperfect prophet and of his time, lived searching the streets that every day we walk unaware of such beauty. "

Rome, Pigneto 2017. Image courtesy of Antonella Catanese.

Rome, Pigneto 2017. Image courtesy of Antonella Catanese.

My name is Eolo Perfido and I've been shooting Street Photography for more than 15 years. I'm a Leica Ambassador based in Rome and Leica Akademie Italy workshop instructor. I always believed in Street Photography as a powerful tool for growth and one of the finest experience in my life.

My Photography has been exhibited in several museums and galleries such as the Leica Galerie in Milan, due piani gallery in Pordenone, Janet Costa Gallery in Recife (Brazil) and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in S.Petersburg (Russia).

I run groups and individual Street Photography Workshops in Rome and One on One Online Street Photography Workshops.

Essaouira, Morrocco 2016

Essaouira, Morrocco 2016


I really believe that you can shoot great photography with any camera and brand. But I also believe that some cameras represent an excellence when we talk about optical performance and image quality.

I'm a Leica Ambassador and I shoot my street photography with the best cameras I ever experienced: the Leica M10, the Leica Q and the Leica Monochrom Typ 246 cameras with 21mm, 28mm and 35mm lenses.

Here you can find my Leica Q review while here you can have a look into my Street Photography Camera Bag.

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The mission of the Leica Akademie is to increase the pleasure of taking photos, share knowledge and bring a total Leica experience to a new generation of photographers.

Every year I run several street photography workshops in Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Palermo.

This year in addition to all the major Italian cities we will head to Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and New York.