Personal One on One Online Street Photography Workshops
with Leica Certified Photographer Eolo Perfido

Online Street Photography workshops are an opportunity for those who have always wanted some guidance with their street photography but couldn’t attend an in-person workshop due to very complex agenda or geographical constraints.

I've always enjoyed teaching photography and I've been running Street Photography and Portrait Workshops for more than 15 years to hundreds of photographers all over the world.

Street Photography is, of all the photographic disciplines, one of the most comprehensive and useful to develop the ability to interpret situations in a less superficial way and to develop a deeper cultural sensitivity

Practice will help you to recognize situations and details that can make a great shot. It will also help you to develop social skills and the ability to interact with strangers.

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Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what you will discover every time you take a walk with your camera. With pratice and some hard work you will learn to notice the extraordinary and beautiful narratives that are occurring in front of you everyday.

You will learn to create relationships within the frame that may well not exist in reality, creating enigmatic, poetic and surreal photographies.

I will discuss with you on how I approach people on the Streets and how I learned seeing photos before they happen. I will share with you all my experiences made over the last 15 years on the Streets of some of the biggest cities in the world.

Berlin, 2015

The Workshop

The online Street Photography workshop is organized in Individual one on one skype video sessions . These online sessions will be personally tailored to your individual needs, and will include weekly shooting assignments and critique sessions that will aim to improve your street photography.

Before we meet in our first 1:1 skype session I will need to know you and your work. For that reason I will need you to fill an online form with those information.

  • 10/20 images representative of your work

  • your street photography website / flickr / instagram etc.etc. (if you have one)

  • few words about your personal definition of Street Photography

  • your equipment list (camera, lenses)

When I will receive your information I will send you a detailed feedback and we will schedule our first online session.

Essaouira, 2016

Session #1: Portfolio review

For this first session, we will discuss and analyze your work trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the photographs you sent me. 

I will provide you with my personal feedback and direction on your work as a whole set while also providing critique to individual images.

At the end of the session I will have a better understanding of your photographic skills, your vision and what you want to achieve along the way did together.

At the end of our first session i will give you a first series of assignments that we will review and critique during session 3 and 4.

The best way to learn street photography is to actually go out and do it so these assignments will be the fundamental of your learning.

The assignments will also aim to develop a better understanding of what we have discussed during our Skype sessions.

Some of the topics we will discuss in our 1:1 sessions:

  • camera settings in street photography

  • how to manage autofocus, zone focus and hyperfocal

  • build relationships between subjects and the enviorment

  • how to overcome your fear and understand how to shoot street portraits

  • working on your speed and timing

  • black and white and color in street photography

  • understanding different kind of lights

  • laws and privacy issues in street photography in the country where you are planning to shoot

  • how to prepare for a photo walk?

  • how to get out of awkward situations

  • the effects of various lenses in Street Photography

  • being proactive and seeing photos before they happen

Rome, 2015

Session #2 and #3: Shooting assignments and Review of your work

We will meet online again only after that you will have finished all the Session 1 exercises. I will need to receive the images before our session so that i can prepare myself with notes and constructive critiques for every photography you will send me.

I will examine your photos during my own time, without wasting valuable time from your tutoring. So you will receive a more thorough feedback that will be of high value to you. We will also discuss all you difficulties and concerns trying to better understand how to improve in every area.

In every session I will also give you extra assignments tailored on you, that will help you will feel more self confident, to better know your camera and feel stronger confidence in your abilities as a Street Photographer.

Tokyo, 2016

Session #4: Final Images Review

In our last video skype session we will do a comprehensive review of your work. We will put your strongest images together in relation to your vision and style so that you will be confident to print them or share the best images online.

I will also give you suggestions on how to edit your pictures with your favourite tool (Lightroom or Photoshop).

Over the course of these 4 online sessions, I will personally guide you through all your questions and doubts. After those sessions you have the option to continue your learning by booking extra hours with me. For example, If you feel you are not confident with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom it will be possible to book extra hours for a post production online workshop.

Milan, 2015


If you wish to take the 4 hours full online street photography workshop (portfolio review included), instead of paying the regular 800 Euro rate, you will pay a special discounted rate of only 495 EURO

If you wish to just have a single portfolio review or 1 hour one on one online session it is 199 Euro.

Every extra hour after the complete 4 hours workshop will cost 100 Euro per hour.


For these online workshops, I also have the following requirements:

  • Dedication to complete your shooting assignments

  • Be open to constructive critiques and suggestions

  • Reliable internet connection and Skype

If you have any further questions regarding the Street Photography Workshops or If you wish to register please fill the form below:

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