Visiting Rome ?
Do you plan to visit Rome for fun or work ? Do you want to find an incredible way to learn about the city and roman people ?

Are you interested in Street Photography ?

Learn how to use your camera quickly in candid situations with an experienced street photographer and Leica Akademie instructor. Shoot in Rome with a photographer that knows every single spot and corner of the sacred city.

The aim of the one on one workshop is not only to bring home some great pictures but through my tuition to improve photographic craft: composition, light and social skills. I will help you to find your own personal style while enjoying the Rome city Streets.

One on One private workshops in Rome

One on One private workshops in Rome

Rome is the perfect city for Street Photography

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect candid street photo? How to interact with strangers. And how easy is to get to know a city if you experience street photography ?

A day in Rome that will change your life as a photographer: during our street photo tour in Rome, you’ll get a chance to absorb knowledge about street photography, composition and the technical aspects of photography – all the while you’re getting the rare chance of observing an experinced street photographer at work.

Street Photography Workshops Rome

Street Photography Workshops Rome


I will be using a Leica Camera but the type and brand of camera, digital or film, you prefer doesn’t matter at all. I will teach one-on-one with attention to your needs and your camera. If you like I will provide you a Leica Q camera to use during the workshop.

We will meet and start the workshop at the new Leica Galerie Rome located next to the famous Spanish Steps in the city centre.

My visitors come from all over the world and their skill levels range from absolute beginner to professional photographer, street photographer to event and wedding shooters.


During our street photo session workshop you will learn how to:

  •  make the most out of your camera and its advanced  modes (M/A/Tv)
  •  how to approach strangers
  •  find the right scene and subject
  •  time your shots perfectly
  •  composition tips & tricks 
  •  find good light
  •  work & react quickly
  •  zone/scale focusing
  •  hyperfocal distance
  •  understand your camera’s light meter
  •  storytelling, or to how to tell a story in a photograph
  •  laws and privacy issues in Italy

It is also possible to organize 4 hours, 8 hours (full day) and 2 days workshops.

It is possible to pay with credit cards and paypal.


One day Street Photography Walk
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